Xiaomi MiBro Air Watch [Black]

UGX 250,000



Classic Metal Body. Lightweight & Stylish
Mibro Air Watch’s wonderful design will take your breath away. Its uni-body metal body reaches all levels of perfect finish thanks to its CNC polishing process in more than 10 phases. After this procedure, it is coated with a layer of fine sand, which gives it that anti-slip texture and anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint feature. In short, the Xiaomi MiBro Air Watch is highly resistant, as well as beautiful, light and incredibly pleasant to touch.

1.28″ TFT Circular Touch Display
Check all the information you need right from your own wrist. Xiaomi Mi Bro Air Watch features a 1.28-inch TFT touch screen, with 240 x 240 pixel resolution and 95% screen to body ratio. This way, colours displayed will be vivid, image transitions will be smooth and natural and every detail will be seen clearly — even in daylight!

Different Face Customising Designs 
Choose the wallpaper that matches your daily outfit. Download the APP “MiBro Fit” to find different face designs and choose the one that best suits you that day. You can even place personalized wallpapers with photos from your own gallery.

20mm Interchangeable Strap
As for its strap, Xiaomi Air Watch includes a silicone strap, which is really soft and pleasant for your skin, ideal for both daily wear and working out. However, if you find that this strap does not fit a particular look, do not hesitate to replace it with a compatible 20mm strap, as it will only take a few seconds to do so. This way you will have a watch that adapts to any situation or event. What material do you prefer? Metal, leather, fluoroelastomer… Don’t miss the great variety of compatible bracelets and accessories available in our catalogue, find the one you like in the related articles of this product!

Monitor Your Heart Rate with the BioTracker PPG Optical Sensor and its Intelligent Algorithm
But, in addition to a wonderful appearance, Mibro Air Watch has everything you need to know about your health thanks to both its BioTracker PPG — a high-precision optical bio-tracking sensor — and an advanced intelligent algorithm. Both are in charge of monitoring the heart rate. In a constant and precise way. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. In this way, you will have a record of your heart’s behaviour even at times of rest, detecting any cardiovascular disease in time and helping you to improve your training sessions.

NOTE: Xiaomi Mibro Air Watch is not a medical device. The fitness and health data it provides is for reference only and must not be used for diagnosis or treatment.

More Efficient & Adapted Workouts — 12 Sport Modes
Besides health, the Mibro Air helps you to improve in the world of sport. In fact, it comes enriched with no less than 12 types of activity, including Running, Walking, Cycling, Walking/running on a treadmill, Elliptical, Badminton, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Mountaineering, Yoga and Free Training. Choose yours and control all your daily activity in a precise manner adapted to the exercises you do, such as steps taken, distance covered or calories burned, among others.

Sleep Analysis & Rest Quality
Everyone knows that for this premise to be fulfilled, an adequate rest is necessary. But… Are you aware of the quality of yours? Or, on the contrary, do you know that you sleep badly but do not know the guidelines to improve it? MiBro Air monitors your sleep completely, determining precisely the stages of sleep (light, deep, REM…) and the duration of each one, analysing the quality of your sleep and even making suggestions to improve it. So, get comfortable, wear your Xiaomi Mibro Air and… Sweet dreams!

Bring all your Health and Exercise Data together with MiBro Fit APP
Download the APP “MiBro Fit” on your Android or iOS smartphone. Once your Mibro Watch is synchronised, all the data recorded will be transferred from your smartwatch to the mobile application and you will be able to see your health status and the progress of your workouts through the statistics generated. Set yourself goals and feel more motivated than ever!

Alerts for Notifications, Messages, Calls, Calendar Events, etc.
But that’s not all. The synchronisation of the Xiaomi Mibro watch with your mobile phone offers you many more features, as well as warnings and reminders. For example, the MiBro Air clock alerts you when you have incoming calls or notifications on your smartphone, showing you the name or number of who is interacting with you. You can also receive alerts of events in the calendar, weather, alarm clocks, etc.

10-Day Battery Life
Indeed. Xiaomi Mibro Watch combines the latest software and hardware to deeply optimise energy consumption for up to 10 days of autonomy*. Xiaomi Mibro promises us that your Air smartwatch can run continuously for 25 days in standby mode.

NOTE: Battery life may vary depending on use, settings and other factors, so actual results may differ from the data shown above.

IP68 Water Resistance
Last but not least, this is a splash-friendly watch as the Xiaomi Mibro Air is IP68* certified. This means that it is resistant to sweat, rain, and you can even wash your hands with it on without fear of getting it wet.

NOTE: * IP68 rating is based on tests conducted in a laboratory and in a controlled environment, with immersion in fresh water at room temperature, for a specified time. It is recommended that the device is not immersed in salt water, chlorinated water, hot water and/or other liquids that can be corrosive, as well as sweat, which can affect its watertightness. For correct maintenance, should the device come into contact with these products, clean it with fresh water immediately.

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